TIL – Proper Tail Calls

I’ve heard of Proper Tail Calls (PTC) being tossed around a lot as a new ES6 thing that a lot of people are excited about, but have no idea what it actually is.

This 2ality article is really thorough and helpful in explaining what PTC is and how it works.

I was first pointed to this topic from a blog post by the V8 team. In it, they also reference an alternative to CTO called Syntactic Tail Call (STC), which is a more explicit way to opt in and use PTC. They prefer this approach due to a couple of reasons

1. It makes it more difficult to understand during debugging how execution arrived at a certain point since the stack contains discontinuities and
2. Error.prototype.stack contains less information about execution flow which may break telemetry software that collects and analyzes client-side errors.

These concerns, as well as a third about performance hit, are addressed by the WebKit team in a Github issue response.

A note about the terminology: when learning about this, another term is also used to describe PTC, i.e. tail call optimization (CTO). I think that PTC is preferred, as it should be a mandatory feature, as it is currently spec-ed in ES6, and not an optional optimization. See this tweet .

tesseraic, an engineer at Apple, has been incredibly helpful in pointing me to some of these resources and explaining the concept in more details.

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