A moment of zen amidst the weird and crazy

Whangarei Falls, Whangarei, New Zealand – by Tim Swaan https://unsplash.com/photos/eOpewngf68w

Today is my day off from work.

While the temptation to do more work work is strong, I decided that it will be a day for personal growth.

So I woke up at a (reasonably) late time, took the time to fix myself some breakfast, setting up my work station with some soft coffeehouse music in the background. All of this put me in a peaceful, productive and concentrative mood.

I hope I will finally finish converting ledge to react and redux. Then maybe I will finally publish those 2 blog posts I have in drafts. I also have 7 tabs open of articles I should read and videos I should watch.

Small goals, but I’d be very happy if I could get through most of them.

I could really get used to this feeling and work environment. Is this what remote work like?

2015 has been a crazy and weird year. Wouldn’t expect anything less next year. Hopefully I will be able to focus more time on personal growth, learning new technologies, solving more interesting problems, and being a better friend, boyfriend and family member.

Here’s to hoping!

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